Can’t delete save data? That’s just evil.

Are RE fans just overreacting?

Ever since it was revealed that the save data in Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D was undeletable, the internet has gone into a frenzy. Swarms of people went on Amazon to cancel their preorders, and taking over review sites with 1-star reviews (and in some cases, even lower). It’s been exactly one week since The Mercenaries was released, and we’ve been able to garner up all kinds of reactions on Capcom’s highly controversial decision. But are fans just overreacting?

From what I see, there are 3 categories of upset RE fans: 1) those who just want to replay the game again, 2) those who want to be able to resell/gift the game, and 3) those who just want to purchase the game used. Let’s take a look at each of these scenarios.

1) I just want to play the game again!
These are the people that I honestly don’t understand. Why would you want to reset the game so you can play it again? It’s like wanting to reset Super Smash Bros. There is really no point in resetting your game, unless you are bent on un-unlocking stuff. This is a Mercenaries game; the only things to erase are unlockable characters and high scores. Why delete those? Sure, it may be somewhat strange to remove the “erase all data” feature, but it doesn’t impede on gameplay, so why whine?

2) I don’t want my game anymore!
Of course, there are people who want to resell/give away their game. Whether it is because they broke their 3DS, or they just simply don’t feel satisfied with the game, these people feel that such a game is impossible to get rid of.
First off, let’s talk about those who want to resell their game. Why complain? You can sell your game to GameStop for money, like any game, and that’s really all that matters. Even though I don’t think most GameStop stores will lower the selling price for The Mercenaries 3D, even if they do, it’s nothing to whine about. At most, you’re losing three bucks. Big deal.

But what if you want to resell your game to other people who would “buy it for a high price”? Sure, there is some controversy here. Your friends won’t be buying this game from you, since all your scores are stuck on. Of course, there will be a select few that don’t care, but for the most part, your game is not going to sell.
And this also goes for gifting the game, or simply just passing it down. Sure, your recipient may feel less satisfied with the game, but if you’re getting someone a gift, don’t be cheap. Buy your friend a gift that is NOT USED. If you really want to pass down your Mercenaries 3D game, just give it to them. They’re not going to complain that much. I mean, you’re giving them a game for free! Free stuff never hurts.

3) I want to buy it used!
Now is not the time to buy it used. Why? Because people who plan on selling it used aren’t buying the game. But it doesn’t stop people from trying to save money, especially when a game like The Mercenaries 3D is so short. But when the time comes when used copies start to appear in store shelves, a lot of us want to start the game anew, without seeing the scores of other people. We like the thrill of unlocking stuff, and if you plan on buying this game used, you aren’t going to feel that thrill.

Well that’s just too bad. Sure, it’s quite strange that Capcom is implementing the idea of a permanent save file on your game, but why would you delete the game data anyways? Even IGN told us that such a thing was not important enough to put into a review. Of course, if you plan on getting it used, it would present quite a problem, but other than those people, there is no need to get mad at all.

It also doesn’t give you any reason to go about giving zeros to a game that deserves at least a 50%.

So, my conclusion? Most of the fans are overreacting here. But lucky for everyone, Capcom says that such a thing like this may never happen again. Better think about your fans before making any business decision nowadays.


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