Pre-release Impressions: Star Fox 64 3D

I don’t like to fly high like Fox.

I don’t really like most of the Star Fox games out there. In fact, the only Star Fox game I actually own is Star Fox Adventures, which is really great, even though it’s not really a Star Fox game (and it gets a lot of hate). So I guess it doesn’t really count, does it? Eh… whatever. The bottom line is, I don’t enjoy Star Fox games very much. But you know who loves Star Fox games? My brother. He also loves Pilotwings, a game I also showed little interest prior to its release. But my opinion towards Pilotwings has changed after playing it for a good 20 hours, as seen in my review. Perhaps my view on Star Fox will change as well.

Don’t look at me like I know nothing about Star Fox. I actually owned Star Fox 64 at one time. I don’t remember playing it, really, but I remember doing a temporary trade with my cousin. He gave me NBA Courtside featuring Kobe Bryant, and I gave him Star Fox 64. The plan was that we would play each other’s games for a week or two, and trade them back the next time we met. What was NOT in the plan was for him to lose Star Fox 64.

So, here I am. Was not really that interested in Star Fox 64 3D. But since my brother planned on getting the game, I decided to look into it.

I’m surprised by how cool this game looks. It’s probably because of the improved lighting in this game, as the original looked dull and bland with its lack of shadows. Everything looks a lot sharper now, and the 3D seems to works very well in this game (judging by the eShop videos; I’m assuming the actual game looks similar). Graphically, this game looks fantastic.

And that really is the only thing that sparks my attention. My bond with the Star Fox team is not very strong, but even though I have little interest in flight simulation games (I know, this technically isn’t a flight simulation game…), Star Fox 64 looks fresh and crisp. Yes, it is very lovely.

There is really only one thing that concerns me: the draw distance. It seems incredibly short, especially in the “asteroids” level. It just felt very strange to have a huge asteroid appear right in front of you six seconds before it crashes into your Arwing. Hopefully such a shortfall will not distract me too much.

And as for no online? Honestly, I don’t really care that much. Star Fox 64 was never really about multi-player, so I didn’t really expect this game to have online anyways. Maybe it’s because the original multi-player was not really that much fun to begin with. Am I the only one that feels that way? Maybe. But whatever. Hate me all you want.

Now, the only problem now is when my brother will buy it. He has expressed interest in the game before, but the only video game he really paid in full was the $15 MLB Power Pros 2008 for Wii (which, by the way, is also a very good game). Maybe he’ll buy it launch day. Maybe he’ll wait for a deal on Amazon. Maybe he’ll wait for Christmas (I hope not). I, personally, am not interested enough to buy the game for $40, but maybe I’ll chip in a few bucks to make life easier for my bro.

Stay tuned for my full review when I finally get the game (and who knows when that’s going to happen?). As for now, I’m going to play some NES Open Tournament Golf with my brother. I don’t care what you think. It’s f*cking fun.


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