Kirby’s Epic Yarn Review

The pink puffball loses its air, but not its game.

Kirby is pink, round, cute, and can apparently be bent into a billion different shapes. No wonder Nintendo continues to throw Kirby at every new gameplay idea they think of. In his first Wii outing, and his first home console appearance since 2000’s Kirby 64, Nintendo has managed to slap Kirby onto another world full of “epic” yarn, ruled by a noble prince fluff, who finds that his lovely Patch Land is being torn apart into pieces by a mysterious being. Kirby enters the scene after being warped into Patch Land, transforms into a piece of yarn, and loses his ability to suck up and copy enemies in the process.

Despite the fact that Kirby loses his copying abilities, his new yarn-like body enables him to do many things that he couldn’t do before, introducing new and creative gameplay ideas to the game. For example. Kirby can grab onto little knobs that can reveal secrets and change the levels appearance. His ability to transform into anything also allows for new gameplay ideas, which includes driving around as a car or digging through fluff as a drill.

It is obvious that Kirby’s Epic Yarn was created for a younger audience. The game is very easy, and very cutesy, making the experience pure fun. It’s also impossible to die, something that makes completing the game quite easy. But probably the biggest giveaway is its storybook-like narration. Yet, even with all these seemingly “childish” aspects of Epic Yarn, the game also has a high emphasis on collection. There are hundreds of items to collect in the game, most of which are used to customize your own room in Quilty Square.

My biggest complaint about this game is its pace. Kirby walks way too slow, and constantly double-tapping the Wiimote’s stiff d-pad to make Kirby move faster starts to hurt after a while. The slow pace causes the game to feel a little bit boring after a while, and sometimes even irritating, which fails to attract me back to my Wii to play a few more levels. This may be good for the game, though, as because the game seems to be designed for short bursts of casual gameplay, it’s slightly short length feels a lot longer than if it was a fast action game.

Fortunately, Kirby’s Epic Yarn allows for co-op play, which allows a second player to join in as Prince Fluff, and can actually change the gameplay experience. For example, one of the first levels transforms Kirby into a tank, and if you’re playing with a friend, you can split the controls into two parts. Playing with a friend is always fun, the Kirby’s Epic Yarn’s co-op mode is no exception.

But when you do take the time to sit down and play the game, it may feel like one of the best experiences you will ever have. The art style in the game is beautiful and creative, and the music is whimsical and relaxing. The game is great overall, and is perfect for those who want to go home and relax with a game that will bring happiness into your mind. Kirby’s Epic Yarn is a sweet little masterpiece that you should definitely try.



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