Results: My E3 2012 Predictions

At last, the biggest week in gaming is finally over, which means it’s time to get check our predictions to see exactly how well we did this year. Remember my predictions list? Well, it’s time to see how I did.

Now, it’s important to note that Nintendo did a strange thing this year that they didn’t do before. In addition to their main conference, Nintendo also hosted two All-Access Events and one Nintendo Direct Conference. Therefore, this list will comprise of ALL the events that took place during E3. But trust me though – that doesn’t make my chances any better! Read on to find out.

1. Nintendo is going to demo their “Mii-related” pack-in game for the Wii U.

Details: Nintendo will reveal a family-friendly pack-in that will act as the Wii U’s “Wii Sports” and will show off what the Wii U can do.

Results: Confirmed! Yep, Nintendo announced their very own “Nintendo Land” that will be available day-one when the Wii U hits shelves. Though Nintendo hasn’t been very clear on whether this game will be a pack-in, they have said that it would be the Wii U’s equivalent of “Wii Sports,” so I think it’s safe to assume so.

2. Nintendo is going to reveal a new Zelda game.

Details: Nintendo will announce a new Zelda game for the Nintendo 3DS.

Results: Denied! When Nintendo didn’t reveal a new Zelda game at their main event on Tuesday, I thought to myself, “Hey, it’s gonna be at the 3DS conference later!” Turns out I was wrong. Oh well. Perhaps now is not the time for a new Zelda game. But it’s okay… the fact that it wasn’t announced this year makes it all the more likely for next year!

3. Nintendo is going to announce cross-connectivity with NSMB2.

Details: Nintendo will announce cross-compatibility between the 3DS’ NSMB2 and the Wii U’s NSMB game.

Results: Denied! I guess it makes sense though. NSMB2 will be out in August, while NSMBU will be out later in the year. BUT that won’t stop Nintendo from patching the NSMB2 to be cross-compatible! But never mind me. This prediction was a complete failure.

4. Nintendo is going to reveal a new I.P. geared toward the “hardcore”.

Details: Nintendo will show off at least one of their own new I.P.’s, in which one of them will be a shooter.

Results: Semi-confirmed. At first I thought I’ve failed this prediction as well, but further research and the help of fellow MyIGNer 81jono81 led me to find out that Platinum Games’ Project P-100 is actually being published by Nintendo! Hardcore? Kinda. Shooter? Kinda? Nintendo? Kinda. So there you go, new I.P. kinda by Nintendo that’s kinda hardcore and has kinda a shooter element in it… it looks like I was kinda right! This and Nintendo’s recent going-ons with Ninja Gaiden 3 assure us that Nintendo is really trying to get the hardcore back.

5. Nintendo is going to change the name of the Wii U.

Details: Wii U is getting a name change…. Yeah, pretty straight-forward.

Results: Denied! Yeah it kinda sucks that they’re not changing the Wii U name, but oh well. Life goes on, right? Besides, with correct marketing, the Wii U can still sell tens of millions of units! And from my understanding, it’s still entirely possible that Nintendo will change the console’s name weeks before launch, just as they did with the N64 and the Wii.

6. Nintendo is going to detail Nintendo Network.

Details: Nintendo will prove that they are ahead of the competition with online boards and lobbies, but with their own Nintendo twist.

Results: Semi-confirmed. Even though Nintendo didn’t announce any detail on the Nintendo Network during any of their conferences, numerous interviews have picked up several key elements to NN, including the ability for the Wii U to support up to 12 accounts per console and the throwing-out of friend codes. So while nothing was formally announced, I think I deserve half a point for this prediction ;).

7. Nintendo is going to talk connectivity with Animal Crossing.

Details: Nintendo will talk about their plans for online trading, lobbies, DLC, and other Nintendo Network features with Animal Crossing on the 3DS.

Results: Denied! Paper Mario, Luigi’s Mansion, NSMB2… but no Animal Crossing. Seriously? Heck, even Fire Emblem had a mention this year! It’s almost as if Nintendo is purposely trying to screw me over. Where is Animal Crossing? Who knows. But we can safely say that it’s not coming out anytime soon. Dang it!

8. Nintendo is going to detail built-in Wii U software.

Details: Nintendo will attempt to make the Wii U an entertainment device with apps like ESPN, Skype, Facebook, and YouTube.

Results: Confirmed! Kinda. Though Nintendo hasn’t announced specific apps coming to the Wii U, YouTube has been confirmed, along with Hulu, Amazon, Netflix, as well as Nintendo’s desire to make the Wii U an integrated entertainment device. So I guess that counts!

FINAL TALLY: 3/8 (absolute failure)

Hey, it’s all right. I suck at this, but at least we can safely say that Nintendo has a long year ahead of them. A ton of Wii U games, 3DS content, and digital offerings is enough to make me happy, despite the fact that I only got a third of my predictions correct. But hey, there’s always next year!

Thanks for reading, and may next year’s E3 be even better than this year’s (even though honestly, that isn’t really all that hard to do!).


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