Impressions: Hands-On with Wii Fit U

Yes, it’s actually fun.

Waiting in line for Wii Fit U was kinda entertaining. The first people I saw were playing this little game in which you were holding the Wii U GamePad like a tray while you ran around on the Balance Board serving food to hungry guests. They failed miserably, dropping pretty much every platter of food they got, but at least they were having fun.

The second person was a young lady who played the “luge” minigame. For those who haven’t seen footage of that minigame yet, it involves a very ab-straining maneuver that looked painful to even watch. At first, I was like “this looks kinda fun, I actually might try it.” Two minutes later, I was like “there’s no way in hell am I fit enough for this.”

So then it was my turn. The rep (who was an EXTREMELY awesome guy, shoutout to you) asked me which game I wanted to play, and I was like “whichever one is best.” He picked the trampoline game, in which I had to spring my feet on the balance board to jump up into the air, and lean left and right in order to aim my Mii back toward the center. The TV screen itself showed a view of my Mii from behind while occasionally lifting to show an overhead view. The GamePad, which was set on a stand, showed an overhead view at all times. I must say, it was pretty fun. But the question is: was I better than everyone else?

It was competition time. I was ready. I was going to beat everyone at my awesome trampoline skills. I was going to win this contest.

I got 800 points in 15 seconds… which is pretty good, considering most people got below 200 (one person actually got 0… yeah, I don’t even…). I was pretty happy with myself. I thought I did a good job. I thought I could win this.

Then this other guy blew me out of the water with 1000+ points. Damn.

Though my experience with Wii Fit U was limited, I can confirm that it is much “gamier” than the previous entries to the series. And yes, Wii Fit U is actually quite fun. Don’t dismiss this as just another fitness game: it’s something that a lot of gamers will actually enjoy.

And it’s a great workout.

Wii Fit U comes out some time during the Wii U’s launch window.


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