5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know (But Should Know) About Your Wii U

Like seriously. Nintendo’s been lying to you.

You like that shiny new piece of hardware you got on your hands? You think you know everything about the thing, inside and out? Well guess what, bucko. You don’t. The Wii U is still a baby, and there are probably a ton of things that we don’t even know exists on the console. But just because something is unknown doesn’t mean we shouldn’t know it. Below are 5 things that you probably didn’t know about your Wii U.

Technically, you can play Wii U software off your SD card.

Nintendo has said that you can’t play games off of your SD card. To many people, this was a bummer. SD cards are very affordable, and going out to buy those big portable hard drives seems like a very pricey investment. But fear not, fellow gamers. It turns out you actually can use your SD card to download and play games. However, you can’t just plug the thing into the SD card slot and expect it to work. First, you must acquire an SD card reader with a USB head, which costs around $15 around the internet (though most people probably already have one, considering that was how SD cards were read on computers just 5 years ago). Then plug your SD card into the reader, the reader into the USB port, and voila! A cheap, affordable way to store your games on the SD card.

You don’t need licensed headphones to access in-game voice chat

Despite what you’re hearing around the internet, and despite what Nintendo is saying in their press releases, you can use any type of headset, provided that it has a mic built in, for in-game voice chat. Previously, it was widely reported that you had to use licensed headsets from third parties to use this feature, but that has been completely debunked in the past few days thanks to a couple of Call of Duty players on the Wii U. Basically, all you have to do is plug in any set of earphones or headphones (yes, even the Apple ones) into the headphone jack and you can use it to chat with your friends online. No need to spend a ton of money for those fancy headsets now, huh?

You will get Club Nintendo coins for the Nintendo Land pack-in.

A lot of people who bought the Wii U Deluxe Set opened up that Nintendo Land box and were shocked to not see that red and white paper containing a ridiculously long code of letters and numbers to plug into their Club Nintendo account. I mean, this was the launch game Nintendo was pushing for, and they couldn’t bother to put a Club Nintendo code into the box? Well don’t worry, guys. Nintendo’s got your back. Apparently, by registering your deluxe Wii U into Club Nintendo, they will automatically register Nintendo Land for you, and you can return a week later to fill out the post-play survey and get all the coins you thought you lost. Phew!

You cannot transfer LostWinds from Wii to Wii U (yet).

The Wii U comes with a handy little tool that lets you transfer everything on your old Wii – games, saves, shop balance, everything – all to your shiny new Wii U. Sounds great, right? You can just transfer everything over and be done with your old Wii now, huh? Well hold your horses, guys. Not everything is as it seems, and this is no exception. Apparently, for some reason or another, WiiWare game LostWinds is not transferable to from Wii to Wii U. No solution to this problem exists, but we do know Nintendo is actively trying to create a fix, so those of you with LostWinds installed on your Wii may have to wait a few weeks before you can safely get rid of that thing. Too bad.

You can download Wii U firmware in the background.

The most common complaint I heard from the Wii U launch was the 5-hour long day-one firmware upgrade that you needed to download in order to access the Wii U’s online system. Okay, maybe 5 hours is an exageration, but it took a ridiculously long time, that’s for sure. One of the complaints was that it wouldn’t have been half as bad if you could have accessed other parts of the Wii U while the thing was downloading in the background. Well guess what? You can. Apparently if you cancel the update when it asks you if you want to download the firmware immediately, you can access your Wii U while the thing downloads in the background, despite the fact that the system clearly tells you that you can’t do so. I guess Nintendo just likes lying to you, then!

Well there ya go. Did you learn something? Think you know something about the Wii U that others don’t? Sound off in the comments below!


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