[TNS Update]: The Battlestriker Blog is Now “The Nintendosphere”

It’s official! The Battlestriker Blog is now The Nintendosphere! Here’s why we made the move.

From the start, The Battlestriker Blog was supposed to be a blog all about the video games industry from a Nintendo fan’s perspective. TBB was a great start for me, but the problem with it is that the title of the blog didn’t really reflect the content. And so that is why I created The Nintendosphere.

With The Nintendosphere, it’s less about me (Battlestriker) and more about the subject at hand (Nintendo). A blog called The Battlestriker Blog would only serve to confuse readers; is it a blog about battles? Striking? What’s a striker anyways? Is it something to do with baseball? That’s confusing. Too confusing. I wanted a name that made sense. Nintendo. Sphere. Global. Connections. The Nintendosphere.

Over the next few days, I will be slowly transitioning all content from TBB to TNS. Expect to see the same content you’ve been used to seeing in the months to come.



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