My Favorite Nintendo Podcasts

Four podcasts to fill up your daily morning commute.

As many of you may already know, I was featured as a special guest on the most recent episode of MyIGN Nintendo Podcast hosted by our very own paleselan, shmuga9,mTroyfullbuster, and fliadaloisio. It was my first time recording something like this, and it was certainly great fun.

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How OCD Can Ruin Games

When perfectionism gets in the way of enjoyability.

I do not have OCD, otherwise known as obsessive-compulsive disorder. Sure, I may have some obsessive and/or compulsive symptoms (much more than normal if you ask me), but having seen people diagnosed with real OCD before, it is clearly obvious that what I have is incomparable to what they have to deal with on a daily basis. Still, there is undoubtedly a little bit of OCD within all of us, and in some cases, it can also be very destructive.

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Top 5 Favorite Developers of All Time

A look at the developers that defined my gaming career.

The gaming industry has matured to a state where we can have books and movies about its history and the significant figures that have altered it. Events like the console wars and the great Video Game Crash of 1983 are forever engrained in every gamer’s mind, regardless of how old they are and when they began playing. As with most histories, over the course of more than fifty years, many developers have come and gone, some leaving behind great classics while others slipping into the cracks for eternity. Nevertheless, it is always a pleasure to look back at not only the games that defined me as a gamer, but also the people who were involved in making them. Below is a list of my personal favorite video game developers of all time.

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Nintendo at E3 2014: What to Expect

A full year’s worth of surprises await!

It is that time of the year again! In just a few days, the Electronic Entertainment Expo will be upon us just as it has for years now, bringing along with it a sleuth of hot new games announcements that are sure to leave us salivating for months to come. As with every year, Nintendo will be showing off some of their newest video games in development, some of which are near release while others have a long ways to go. Nevertheless, it is important to remember to keep expectations reasonable when it comes to E3 announcements, which is why I have prepared for you today a complete guide to what to expect from Nintendo at E3 2014.

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