Impressions: Pushmo & NightSky

Two puzzle games for your 3DS: Pushmo and NightSky.


Developed by Intelligent Systems, Pushmo represented one of Nintendo’s early pioneering efforts to make the Nintendo 3DS eShop a name for itself. Released at a time when the 3DS was struggling to find itself a place in the market, the game – combined with big retail releases like Super Mario 3D World and Mario Kart 7 – helped kick start system sales that holiday season and give the fledgling console the momentum it needed to push forward and be the success it is today. Since then, the 3DS eShop has transformed itself into a beast of its own, giving new life to indie titles that might have otherwise been forgotten.

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Impressions: Cave Story & VVVVVV

Two classic independent games for the Nintendo 3DS.

Cave Story

Cave Story is often seen as one of the landmark titles of the early indie gaming scene. Developed by one man (Daisuke “Pixel” Amaya) during his free time, Cave Story was first released on personal computers as a freeware title in 2004. Over the years, it has found its way onto many different gaming platforms, most notably on Wii in 2010 and later on Nintendo 3DS in 2012. It follows the story of a young boyish character named Quote as he explores the titular cave and discovers the warring conflict between its native Mimiga creatures and the mysterious individual known only as “the Doctor.”

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Nintendo at E3 2014: Nintendo Digital Event Impressions

Initial thoughts on what Nintendo showed during the presentation.

The Nintendo Digital Event has ended just a few hours ago, but I would like to give my thoughts on the very many great announcements that took place during the presentation. As we all very well know, E3 is a time for every major video game publisher to pull out their big guns and show them off to each other and the onlookers beyond. What Nintendo accomplished this year was create a presence at least on par with their competitors, while giving fans what they want and pushing forward in their strategy for both Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.

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Nintendo at E3 2014: What to Expect

A full year’s worth of surprises await!

It is that time of the year again! In just a few days, the Electronic Entertainment Expo will be upon us just as it has for years now, bringing along with it a sleuth of hot new games announcements that are sure to leave us salivating for months to come. As with every year, Nintendo will be showing off some of their newest video games in development, some of which are near release while others have a long ways to go. Nevertheless, it is important to remember to keep expectations reasonable when it comes to E3 announcements, which is why I have prepared for you today a complete guide to what to expect from Nintendo at E3 2014.

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