Retro Review: Mario Kart DS

A look back at one of the greatest kart racers ever.

Let me get this out of the way first: Mario Kart DS is my favorite Mario Kart game of all time.

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Dual Review: Mario Kart 64 & Mickey’s Speedway USA

A detailed look at some of my favorite N64 racing games.

Mario Kart 64 was one of the biggest games to hit the Nintendo 64. For the first time ever, up to four players could race each other at the same time thanks to the N64’s four controller ports. The game was also Mario Kart’s first foray into fully 3D environments, allowing for more creative track designs than ever before. It was the step up from Super Mario Kart everyone wanted, and it delivered masterfully. I remember playing for hours on end with my brother, and to this day, it remains one of my favorite Nintendo 64 games to revisit.

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Wii Fit U Review

Fitness that fits U.

In-between 2009’s Wii Fit Plus and 2013’s Wii Fit U, several landmark events befell upon my lovely life, among them my first foray into video game blogging and graduating from high school with honors. Also significant (though obviously relatively less so) is the I began regularly exercising for the first time, something I have always had a great interest in doing but lacked the motivation or know-how to do it. Therefore, while I was playing Wii Fit U for the first time, I found that my perspective on fitness and fitness games has changed.

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Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Review

Sweet dreams.

The Mario & Luigi series of RPG’s have had its vicissitudes. Superstar Saga is widely regarded as an achievement in game design and a breakthrough success for Nintendo and AlphaDream. Its successor, Partners in Time, fared less well, struggling with finding itself an identity or anything that made the first game so memorable. It rebounded with Bowser’s Inside Story, which gave the player control of not only the titular Mario Bros. but also Bowser, who possesses his own attack schemes, altering the gameplay significantly and offering up some much-needed variety to the traditional Mario & Luigi formula. Dream Team is the fourth entry to the Mario & Luigi series, and while it mostly succeeds in trying to replicate the fresh feeling of Bowser’s Inside Story, it struggles in many respects that prevents it from being as great as one would hope.

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Fire Emblem: Awakening Review

The rebirth of a franchise.

A quick preface – I have never played a Fire Emblem game up until Awakening. As a perfectionist and pseudo-OCD gamer, I could not stand the mere idea of permanently losing characters due to player-induced death. Not being able to complete my game with all my units in my party would no doubt pain me to no end and the possibility of losing my most powerful warrior in battle would surely tear my heart to shreds. No, these things would most definitely dampen my enjoyment of the title, and thus I have never even attempted to try a Fire Emblem game, bar the free GBA title for 3DS ambassadors, of which I gave up after the first few chapters for these same reasons.

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