Top 10 Mario Kart Courses of All Time

A look at some of Mario Kart’s most crowning achievements.

It took me several attempts to perfect this list to my tastes. Having played every entry in the series (some more extensively others), I had to sift through a list of 120 tracks and reduce it down to just the ten I love most. Repeatedly I had to start over, unsatisfied with every draft until I finally came up with this one. So without further ado, here it is: my top ten Mario Kart courses of all time!

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Which Seventh-Gen Games Will Be Remembered as Classics?

Will games like Bioshock join the ranks of Mario and Zelda?

There exist some games that many a gamer would consider “timeless classics.” They are games that have withstood the test of time, proud pillars of an era long past that, without them, might have been forgotten. If you were to walk into a museum full of the most admired and influential video games, these would be the titles you would see on display. They include games such as Super Mario Bros., which served as a template for every side-scrolling platformer after it; Doom, which helped revolutionize the first-person shooter genre; Chrono Trigger, which defined the JRPG. These games will be remembered for defining our industry in the past, and will continue to be remembered as hundreds of gamers revisit them every year.

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Will the Wii Forever Be Remembered As A Failure?

Did Nintendo’s Wii really win the seventh generation?

To some, the Wii was a success – a success in that it broke into the casual market; a success in that it sold over a hundred million units; a success in that it has managed to shift the industry in surprising but interesting directions. It had earned its right of place in history as one of the most influential pieces of hardware ever created, and the white remotes used to control that little gaming machine are now pop culture icons. Yes, to some, the Wii was a success. However, in the eyes of many others – and by that I should say most – the Wii was a failure.

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